Satsang with Ananta Kranti will take place over the weekend of 12-14th July 2019 at Gaunts House. Please see HERE for more details:

Some words from Prajna - one of our Satsang Teachers:

There is a shining within each being. The point of Satsang is to ignite this shining, to bring it forth.

My first encounter with Satsang was by invitation in 1984, in the lineage of Ramana Maharshi. I didn’t have an idea of what to expect or a reference point for this type of meeting. This first meeting felt like an initiation into the wisdom of being. I had accumulated knowledge about many things, others, the world, and myself. This brought me to a different dimension, not one that was completely unfamiliar to me but something I yearned for and masked through a variety of temporary pursuits. This answered the driving question of my life  — Who I am? It felt as if I landed upon an oasis of nourishment. My spiritual seeking ceased and my attention rested on the clarity of being. I found my life dedicated to Satsang. I continue to cherish the tradition of Satsang. My relationship to it has shifted over time to include all of life not only the weekly “form” of Satsang. In many ways, Satsang has served its purpose—to dissolve the imagined walls of separation.