Integral Yoga Bournemouth Tutors

“Letting the inside be on the outside”

The profile headshot captures what we feel we want the world to see. We decided as a group to show our humanity and the beauty of it. In the eyes, the lines and wrinkles are beautiful learnings, stories, experiences that have made us who we are today.

Authenticity takes courage

It’s easy to fit in to what we feel the world needs us to be. It’s been taught to us from a very small age. As we grow as teachers we meet face to face all the pain and wounding that would deny our authenticity and truth of what’s moving within us.

We find that our meditation and yoga practices that were once clever ways to hide, transform or escape from parts of ourselves, become ways to honour, integrate and feel all the parts of us that we denied love to.

Real healing takes place when we allow ourselves to be who we are in full awareness, consciousness and love
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Rowan Cobelli

I’m in love with the infinite possibilities available in each shape.  Most of my life I have been meeting asana with too much speed, too much agenda, too much certainty of where i’m going and how to get there. Now I meet with my hat in my hands.  There is still the background of learning, past experience and refined strategies.  However these strategies are now offered as invitations rather than directions to see if the body in that moment agrees or not.The gift of following its timing is a huge amount of mental space, connection and availability to the quality of oceanic fluidity, and the gift of a beautiful paradox.  The recognition of a process in the body and mind within the no need for any particular outcome, as its happening in the space where form doesn’t touch.

Juliette Oliver

From chaos - to flow - to presence. Is my journey into yoga and into now. My practise has always been a reflection of how I am; even though the outcome has always been a more balanced human being- i’ve had to ‘practise my way into that’. Later down the road I learnt I didn’t have to wait until the end of a class for the headspace, for the sensitivity, the receptivity, the insight. It was always available, is available, it’s always here now. So I still practise How I Am but from a different orientation of Who I Am. Sometimes my body accepts the invitation of strength building, sometimes creative flow, sometimes absolute stillness, sometimes all. There is space in myself for my body’s energetic requests - I just don’t confuse my sense of self with them so much. Ultimately, We are holding a space in a yoga class for the wisdom of the truth of who we really are to be free to arise in our silence - in our space.