Juliette Oliver



From chaos - to flow - to presence. Was my journey into yoga and into now. My practise has always been a reflection of how I am; even though the outcome has always been a more balanced human being- i’ve had to ‘practise my way into that’. Later down the road I learnt I didn’t have to wait until the end of a class for the headspace, for the sensitivity, the receptivity, the insight. It was always available, is available, it’s always here now. So I still practise How I Am but from a different orientation of Who I Am. Sometimes my body accepts the invitation of strength building, sometimes creative flow, sometimes absolute stillness, sometimes all. There is space in myself for my body’s energetic requests - I just don’t confuse my sense of self with them so much. Ultimately, We are holding a space in a yoga class for the wisdom of the truth of who we really are to be free to arise in our silence - in our space.

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