What's True?

Are you Curious?

Is any of it really true?

Everything we’ve been listening to, reading. practicing, abiding by…believing.

What if THIS is all there is?

This life now.

This life - as it is.

Think about that.

Watch what rises up in you.

Life itself.

That which lives.

That which is living AS life itself.

Already in the moment, already present, already here.

This life needs no promise of a better beyond here and now,

Life’s already at the place in which we hope to arrive.

Maybe the joy of living doesn't occur when WE reach a state of joy - the joy of living may well be in life knowing it to be it is what lives.

Life living itself - naturally joyful - doing what life does;

Living, going on, motion, forming: nature abhors a vacuum.

What if Liberation is in life? And the escape from suffering is in realising we are the life which we live - we aren’t simply the I that lives IN life?

Perhaps the only thing we can count on in life is that we are it.

It may not be that what we’ve been told isn’t true - the way we interpret it may be what’s not true - ultimately.

So rather than chase a truth,

Why don’t we stop right here…

Why don’t we drop...

Our upcoming retreat: sharing space in curiosity.

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