Who am I?

Who are you?

Are you the roles you play? Mother, Father, Sister, Friend, Boss, Carer, Teacher?

Or are they simply facets? Faces?

What is your image of I?

What does your image of I evoke?

Your job? Your skills? Your intellect? Your Appearance?

Who you are to others?

Rest with this for a while.

Maybe you find you are many things.

How can the singular 'I' be many?

And what if the environment in which you find 'I' was removed...who are you then?

So who are you ultimately?

Outside of the enviroment you know? Behind the mirror of the world.

Who are you without your history - your story of life events and hopes for the future?

What is the constant in an ever-changing life of flux?

Rest a while...

Who is asking the question?

Who answers?


Integral Yoga