Practical Anatomy and Wisdom Practise

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Practical Anatomy and Asana for Hips

with Tarini Lee, Physiotherapist and Yoga Teacher.

09.30 – 12.30

Do you experience sore hips, burning bum, pain in groins or general tightness?

If so, this practical workshop will support your body and yoga practice to bring more understanding and ease to the way you move, helping you make informed choices for your hips in classes.

If you’ve had a back issue in the past, or have had hip issues this session with physiotherapist and yoga teacher Tarini Lee is for you. Tarini’s work is also popular with woman due to the unique anatomy of broader hips and a potentially child-bearing pelvis.

The hips’ primary function is to support the weight of the body in both static (e.g. standing) and dynamic (e.g. walking or running) postures. When the hips are out, simple movements and postures bring more pain than pleasure. The usual poses that are practised in normal yoga classes can make these problems worse rather than aid them. It is an area of the body where it helps to understand the anatomy in order to improve such conditions and obtain a balance in the muscles around the hip joint.

At the end of this workshop, you will know the poses that are most helpful for your body, based upon a deep understanding of anatomy and biomechanics of the area. The workshop will be largely practical and involve working together in small groups to observe and learn the landmarks of the body.

We will focus specifically on buttock pain and side hip pain (and, time permitting, groin pain). The understanding of biomechanics that you will gain on the day will also be beneficial to other conditions, too.

Saturday Afternoon Session:

Practical Anatomy and Asana for the Shoulders

with Tarini Lee, Physiotherapist and Yoga Teacher.

13.30 – 16.30

Are your shoulders complaining with Down-ward Facing Dog and Chaturanga? This is the workshop for you.

The shoulder joint is an often neglected area in yoga practice and thus Tam has treated and counselled many folk around recovery of often persisting shoulder pain. The shoulder is a flexible joint often uncomfortably bound by tight and dysfunctional overlying muscles. This makes it vulnerable to stress and slow to recover with the strain that many yoga postures impose. It is hard to manage shoulder pain with simple technical adjustment. Having a little knowledge about the anatomy and biomechanics of the shoulder is essential to prevent and to recover from injuries and to make empowering choices for the body in yoga classes.

This workshop will be largely practical; we will identify landmarks to assess mobility and strength around the shoulder joint complex and neck. We will apply this understanding to wisely choose poses to address findings and explore modifications and technical refinements suitable to the individual.

Sunday 16th June, 2019

Devi Practices: Invoking and Embodying the Ten Wisdom Goddesses – a Workshop for All

Sunday 10.00 – 16.30 (with a break for lunch)

During this workshop day, we will explore the symbolism of the mystical side of yoga ralising the value of the Gods and Goddesses of the Vedic Tradition as as meditative tools and empowering psychological archetypes for all people, rather than alienating religious figures.

The Vedic tradition considers realization as entering into an absolute - beyond experience and beyond the mind and this may be articulated in according semantics of any religious tradition. The gods and goddesses that we meet in the Vedic tradition are aspects or energies within that absolute that are given form so that we may make use of them. We can invoke them in ritual, in realization that they are aspects of our own psyches, their qualities and energies being sometimes overactive, latent or dormant.

Our workshop will introduce the Das Mahavidya - the 10 wisdom goddess; though we will make reference to other more familiar Devi. We will explore their attributes and how we embody them, meeting goddesses such as the warrioress Bhairavi, the abundant beauty Kamala, the Ego polishing Kali, and Lalita who strengthens our relationships, while preserving our individuality. We will sense into who we might want to call on to assist us in navigating our world with greater ease? We will explore ways of invoking the goddesses and using yogic practices to embody them and their qualities to empower ourselves.

We will have time during the day for discussion, practice and integration. We will use various methods of approaching these goddess including visualisations, invoking mantras and general mantras (sacred sounds and chants) to clear the energy field, focus the mind and invite union with these divine energies.

Important Information:

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the session starts to settle. The venue has mats and some blankets, please feel free to bring your own mat, cushion and blanket for your comfort. Please also bring a water bottle, packed lunch (if staying for the afternoon session), notebook and pen. Deposits for weekend tickets are non-refundable. Cancellations after May 31st are non-refundable.

Limited parking is available on site.

Venue: The Yoga Studios, Unit 1, 83 Ringwood Road, Poole, BH14, 0RH.

Booking Information and Payment Options and Offers:

Saturday morning session only: £35.00

Saturday afternoon session only: £35.00

Both Saturday Sessions: £65

Sunday Day Session: £65


Weekend Ticket (to include all Saturday and Sunday Sessions):

Early Bird Offer: £100 (ends 15th April)

Regular Price: £120

Weekend tickets can be paid in instalments (note, for the early bird offer to stand, all payments must be made by 15th April)

ABOUT Tarini Lee

Tarini has been a qualified and registered physiotherapist since 1994. She has extensive experience in treating a variety of problems ranging from acute injury to long term persisting pain. Wide-ranging hospital and outpatient experience have equipped her to consider the needs of clients with different health conditions. She worked for 8 years in pain management centres alongside doctors, psychologists and occupational therapists including St Thomas’ Hospital, London and PainLogic, Brisbane. During this time she was trained to incorporate principles of cognitive behavioural therapy into her physiotherapy practice. In recent years she has moved to use principals of Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT) into her on-to-one sessions with clients to enhance their physical rehabilitation.

Tarini has been practising yoga since 1994 and teaching since 1998. She obtained her yoga teaching qualification with the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) in the United Kingdom; is a current senior level 3 member of Yoga Australia (YA) and having completed a Diploma of Yoga Therapy with Yoga Therapy Australia is also a member of the Australian Association of Yoga Therapists (AAYT).

She has studied yoga with senior teachers in the United Kingdom, India and Australia. Her yoga therapy training was with Dr NC (N Chandrasekaran) who is a medical doctor and yoga therapist with in excess of 25 years of practice delivers this training, which expounds how traditional applications of yoga complement current medical practice. This 3 year training, included an internship in Dr NC’s Chennai clinic, a unique and rewarding opportunity.

Tarini has studied Yoga and meditation beyond her yoga teacher training with various teachers in India, including one of her dearest teachers, Clive Sheridan, and has spent regular retreat periods in guided and self-directed, silent meditation.