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Integral Yoga Bournemouth Centre


Upcoming Events


Opening & Deepening Retreat 2019

Three days to enjoy the integration of yoga practice into direct experience. Our retreat gathers some of Integral Yoga’s senior tutors into a fresh and profound program. Immerse yourself and create a window into life’s rhythm to rest, reflect and see the world through fresh eyes.

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Monthly Workshops

With a combination of inviting guest tutors, as well as local tutors we will be hosting a monthly day course to help deepen many aspects of Yoga. Find out more about what’s coming in 2019

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Monthly Satsang

Integral Yoga Satsang on a Friday of each month . Coming together to explore Yogic philosophy, meeting in stillness and devotional practices in the heart.

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We don’t practice to become perfect. We practice to recognise just how blind we have been and to discover the beauty inside that has always been there. To practice from this place requires no dogma, particular belief or philosophy. Just the calling to meet yourself as we are in our naked, vulnerable, beautiful emptiness.


Integral Yoga Classes in Bournemouth

We are a group of friends and teachers who have grown, evolved and shared life and growth together for many years. Our love of Yoga has deepened through our practice and teaching. We have a wide variety of abilities and styles within the tradition to choose from. Integral Yoga classes contains a deeper exploration of yourself alongside the development of subtleness though form, and all the benefits that come out of a heart centred relationship with the body.


Seeing through the Eyes of Tenderness

It’s important to end the war with the mind and for each to rest in the Peace of their own inner flow for the sake of ourselves, each other, our families, communities and from where we move from in life. What we call the world is the outcome of what we each project. To relate to life as it is requires maturity, love, honesty and sincerity, as the layers fall away and we see life as ones own Self.


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Learning to meditate and seeing yoga as life may take time and practice before it starts to integrate deeply. We are producing a series of articles, blogs and thought provoking orientations to support your exploration.